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Assisting family law clients requires sensitivity, patience, insight and skill. At The Loomis Law Firm, we focus on developing practical solutions. While some cases require traditional litigation, many of our clients want to avoid court altogether. From the initial appointment, we consider mediation, Collaborative, or other less adversarial approaches to resolving family law conflict. Throughout representation we seek less costly, ìreal worldî solutions to address parenting issues, support, and division and classification of property. This focused attention to the practical realities of divorce differentiates our firm. We take pride in identifying opportunities to reduce cost, to avoid excess conflict, and to bring matters to resolution with creative, practical solutions.

The Loomis Law Firm has been in Westlake Village for more than 30 years and at our current location for more than 25 years and is a member of the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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